What am I investing in?

Loved lets you invest on behalf of a child into companies, funds (ETFs), and towards your savings goals. 

We recommend starting with a Goal Investment, then building out a diversified portfolio of different companies and ETF, theme-based investments. We also recommend setting the investments to repeat, to make the most of the time they have before becoming adults. Setting up just $5 per week can make a huge difference by the time they are 18 or older.

Building kids a portfolio allows you to invest in industries, investment themes, and into the companies behind successful entrepreneurs, that your kids believe in and want to know more about. 

Achieving goals makes it really easy to set aside money they can make the most of in the future. It could be a first car, college fund, money for a rainy day. In this scenario, money will be invested into a diversified portfolio to achieve that goal. Our goal investments utilize diversified portfolio options with different mixes, the suggested portfolio is based on the time you have to achieve their goal and your willingness to accept higher risks and returns. The options are:

Best of all with no brokerage fees and fractional investing, you can invest as little as $1 at a time.